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326. Netherlands #14

I arranged few wonderful swaps lately as I wanted to expand my Jetoy Cat collection. :) This card came to me from Sylvia.
I love these cards not only because of cute-looking kitty. Listen to the concept of the illustrations.

Lovely cat Choo choo who likes to dream and enjoy the adventure lives in Jetoy
which is the planet existing on the opposite space far from earth.
(The cats who live in Jetoy are called Choo choo.)
Choo choo has a distinctive scent attracting birds and butterflies.
They are always protecting Choo choo.
Choo choo lives like us in their world where we can't see.
Oneday Choo choo has gone a long journey
from their everyday life by shopping, baking cookies and reading books
and has stayed for a long time in the planet Earth.
Choo choo lives together with us as the appearance of our pet.*

How do you like this idea? ;)

*description from site www.jetoy.com

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