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320. USA #46

This is the longest card I've ever got. It's 45cm long and 10,5cm wide. I got this from Julie through our Facebook swap. Thank you so much, Julie. I love it! :) [full view recommended] ;)

The Gateway Arch is an arch that is the centerpiece of the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial in St. Louis, Missouri. It was built as a monument to the westward expansion of the United States. At 630 feet (192 m), it is the tallest man-made monument in the United States, Missouri's tallest accessible building, and the largest architectural structure designed as a weighted or flattened catenary arch.

The arch is located at the site of St. Louis' foundation, on the west bank of the Mississippi River where Pierre Laclède, just after noon on February 14, 1764, told his aide, Auguste Chouteau, to build a city.

The Gateway Arch was designed by Finnish-American architect Eero Saarinen and German-American structural engineer Hannskarl Bandel in 1947. Construction began on February 12, 1963, and ended on October 28, 1965, costing US$13 million at the time (approximately $94,700,000 in 2013). The monument opened to the public on June 10, 1967.

319. Australia #28

Another card from Jenny. I really love it. Thank you!

Flinders Ranges is the largest mountain range in South Australia, which starts approximately 366 km (227 mi) north of Adelaide. The discontinuous ranges stretch for over 430 km (270 mi) from Port Pirie to Lake Callabonna. Its most characteristic landmark is Wilpena Pound, a large, sickle-shaped, natural amphitheatre covering nearly 80 square kilometres (31 sq mi), containing the range's highest peak, St Mary Peak (1,170 m (3,840 ft)) and adjoining the Flinders Ranges National Park. The northern ranges host the Arkaroola wilderness sanctuary and the Vulkathunha-Gammon Ranges National Park. The southern part of the ranges are notable for the Pichi Richi scenic railway and Mount Remarkable National Park.

Several small areas in the Flinders Ranges are protected as National Parks. These include the Flinders Ranges National Park near Wilpena Pound and the Mount Remarkable National Park in the southern part of the ranges near Melrose. The Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary is a scenic protected area at the northern end of the ranges. In addition, the Dutchman's Stern Conservation Park, west of Quorn and the Mount Brown Conservation Park, south of Quorn, are protected areas of the ranges. The Heysen Trail and Mawson Trail run for several hundred kilometres along the ranges providing scenic long distance routes for walkers, cyclists and horse-riders.

318. Australia #27

317. Australia #26

Card I got from Jenny through Facebook swap.
Australia is indeed very big country. It's on my 'TO VISIT' list. I hope I can make it soon :)

316. Australia #25

Great card with diversity of Australia got through Facebook swap.
Thank you so much, Jenny. Love it!

315. USA #45

Card from Facebook swap, I got this from Julie. First one from D.C., I'm so happy. :) Thank you, Julie!

Barack Obama is the 44th and current president of the United States, and the first African American to serve as U.S. president. First elected to the presidency in 2008, he won a second term in 2012.

NAME: Barack Obama
OCCUPATION: Lawyer, U.S. President, U.S. Representative
BIRTH DATE: August 04, 1961 (Age: 51)
EDUCATION: Punahou Academy, Occidental College, Columbia University, Harvard Law School
PLACE OF BIRTH: Honolulu, Hawaii
FULL NAME: Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.

314. Malaysia #4

Beautiful card I got through official Postcrossing site.

The building on the left is The Putra Mosque reflecting the high degree of art and design. On the right is the magnificent building houses the Malaysian Prime Minister's Office. This building is situated in Putra Jaya which is the new government administrative complex.

Thank you, Yen Mei!

313. Algeria #1

 I'm very excited about this card. Not only it was one of my missing cards, but I got this through official Postcrossing site. I'm very happy because it's really hard to get such a rare card through drawing on Postcrossing.

Algiers is the capital and largest city of Algeria. According to the 1998 census, the population of the city proper was 1,519,570 and that of the urban agglomeration was 2,135,630. In 2009, the population was about 3,500,000. An estimate puts the population at about 3,574,000 as of 2010. Algiers is located on the Mediterranean Sea and in the north-central portion of Algeria.

Sometimes nicknamed El-Behdja or alternatively Alger la Blanche ("Algiers the White") for the glistening white of its buildings as seen rising up from the sea, Algiers is situated on the west side of a bay of the Mediterranean Sea. The modern part of the city is built on the level ground by the seashore; the old part, the ancient city of the deys, climbs the steep hill behind the modern town and is crowned by the casbah or citadel, 122 metres (400 ft) above the sea. The casbah and the two quays form a triangle.

Thank you so much, NessRiNe, you made my day! :)

312. Russia #19

I got this beautiful card from Darina from Russia as a thank you for card through official Postcrossing site. I really love it, it's very detailed.
Thank you Darina!

311. Indonesia #29

Beautiful card from Ridha which I got through direct swap on Facebook. I really love postcards from Indonesia - they are beautifully released.

Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park is located in East Java, Indonesia, to the east of Malang and to the southeast of Surabaya, the capital of East Java. It is the only conservation area in Indonesia that has a sand sea, the Tengger Sand Sea (Indonesian: Laut Pasir Tengger), across which is the caldera of an ancient volcano (Tengger) from which four new volcanic cones have emerged. This unique feature covers a total area of 5,250 hectares at an altitude of about 2,100 m. The massif also contains the highest mountain in Java,  Mount Semeru (3,676 m), four lakes and 50 rivers.
The Tengger Sand Sea has been protected since 1919. The Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park was declared a national park in 1982.

310. Netherlands #13

Card which I got through official Postcrossing site. It shows dress designed by Azzedine Alaia from couture winter 2011 collection. Dress is property of museum of Groningen.
Thank you so much, Nanda!

309. Switzerland #2

Beautiful card I got through official Postcrossing site from Verena.

Lucerne is a city in north-central Switzerland, in the German-speaking portion of that country. Lucerne is the capital of the Canton of Lucerne and the capital of the district of the same name. With a population of about 76,200 people, Lucerne is the most populous city in Central Switzerland, and a nexus of transportation, telecommunications, and government of this region. The city's urban area consists of 17 cities and towns located in three different cantons with an overall population of about 250,000 people.
Due to its location on the shore of Lake Lucerne (der Vierwaldstättersee), within sight of Mount Pilatus and Rigi in the Swiss Alps, Lucerne has long been a destination for tourists. One of the city's famous landmarks is the Chapel Bridge (Kapellbrücke), a wooden bridge first erected in the 14th century.

Thank you, Verena!

308. Ireland #21

Another breathtaking card from Danne from Northern Ireland.
It shows The Magical Dark Hesges near Armoy, Co. Antrim. The arching branches of the tree lined country lane of Bregagh Road is a beguiling sight to those who have witnessed it. Known to the locals as the DARK HEDGES, it's a popular tourist attraction. South of Ballycastle near Armoy, Ballypatrick Forest lies on the Ballycastle to Cushendall road and has a number of view points, walks, a scenic drive, and picnic areas.
Thank you, Danne!

307. Ireland #20

Another card from Danne through Facebook swap. 
It shows Derry City which is situated along the River Foyle in County Londonderry, this beautiful walled city has a rich cultural and historic past. 
Thank you, Danne!

306. Ireland #19

Beautiful card from Danne which I got through Facebook swap.
It shows Guildhall & City Walls in Derry City originally built in 1887. The Guildhall is Majestic neo-gothic style building that houses unique and fascinating attractions. The historic Walls surrounding the city were built between 1614 and 1619.
Thank you so much, Danne!

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305. Netherlands #12

304. USA #44

303. USA #43

302. USA #42

301. USA #41

300. USA #40

299. Taiwan #11

298. Russia #18

297. Ukraine #6

296. Ukraine #5

295. Philippines #7

294. Philippines #6

293. Philippines #5

292. Philippines #4